Thanks to scalper, the PS5 can not be easily acquired in trade almost a year after the official sales start. A Japanese dealer now has enough. He has come up with a simple trick with which he wants to scald the craft.

Discontinued PS5-Box: Distributor labels packaging with scalper name

A look at the digital storage racks of Amazon, Mediamarkt and Co. continues to frustrate with many Playstation Gamers. Even after several months, the PS5 can not be easily commercially available in stores. And the next-gene console is available, the complete contingent is often bought by scalds within a very short time – that is annoyed!

That seems to go to the Japanese dealer Nojima Denki against the line. And that s exactly why the platform has considered a small trick, the scalper should stop from the purchase in the future. The shop has decided to write down on the original packaging of the sold consoles the full name of the buyer with felt-tip pens and ballpoints. In addition, the box in which the new dualSense controller is removed before shipping by the sellers (Source: Twitter).

And what happened last week in the gaming and technology world? We ll tell you in the Japanese dealer HEADLINES:

How effective is the dealer s strategy?

The dealer assumes that buyers on platforms such as eBay and Co. are not on the offer of Scalper if they see that the PS5 box is signed accordingly. And even the scalers certainly have no great interest in that their full name lands on numerous packaging.


PS5 order: all current information for the price and availability

Gregor Elswood

Normal customers who only want to buy a PS5 for themselves, this circumstance is likely to disturb little. Finally, the box ends up in the basement in the basement or in the storage room at most after unpacking anyway.

Whether Nojima Denki s strategy is concerned and crowned by success can not currently estimate. However, it is good to know that some dealers come to come up with tricks so that the coveted Next-Gen console lands even with real players.