Grand Theft Auto (often abbreviated as GTA, dt. For example, heavy car theft ) is a video game series of the Scottish Developer Studio Rockstar North (until 2001 DMA Design), the action, racing, open-world game and third-person Shooter elements contains. Publisher is the Take-2 label Rockstar Games. The name is borrowed to the US offense of heavy automotive theft (English Grand Theft Auto ). In 1997, the first part of the series appeared. With sales of about 300 million copies, the series is one of the most successful computer game series and the best-selling game series on the PlayStation 2.All parts of the series have a comparable act on, in which usually a male protagonist with a criminal prehistory in an American city a criminal career . For this he can accept orders with different complexity and difficulty whose fulfillment leads to further contacts at higher levels of the criminal hierarchy. In addition to these main orders, the player can take a number of voluntary additional tasks. These usually do not continue the main action, but reward the player with money, weapons or similar useful bonuses.
Grand Theft car is characterized by great freedom of movement within the fictitious world. Action and optical presentation are often shaped to satirical-humorous. In addition, in the form of radio stations, a large music repertoire can be used, as well as many extra for the games, especially GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) created animated films, which are visible in cinemas, which contribute significantly to the atmospheric design of the game.
Due to the criminal and partially violent acts shown in the series as well as the frequently cliché representation of ethnic groupings, the games of the more often are in criticism.

This week the thing goes from gifts in the city of GTA Saints online, because RockStar has proposed to offer all the players the possibility of obtaining a couple of t-shirts without paying a single penny so that there is more variety in your closet. So, in this guide we are going to explain how get free the GTA III Baseball Bat t-shirt and the Halloween knife t-shirt .

How to get free GTA III Baseball Bate t-shirt

Once again the GTA V multiplayer wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III in a special way. That is why the baseball bat shirt may be yours for free in tribute to the most emblematic body weapon of the third installment of the saga.

It will simply sustain that

How to get the Halloween knife t-shirt for free

On the other hand, it shows that Halloween is just around the corner, because through the streets of the city it is said that have begun to appear murderers everywhere when night comes , so you may have Be careful not to cross with one of them or otherwise it will not hesitate to end the life of your character.

However, if you are brave and you are not afraid, getting eliminate them in self-defense will have its corresponding reward. If you live to tell you, you will take you in exchange for the knife shirt you will receive within a period of 72 hours after you have started session as of November 1.

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