Rockstar remastered to the surprise of many, the GTA Trilogy , and add a variety of changes and differences which will possibly inspire you to visit this old classic again. Although the GTA trilogy is relatively out of date at this time, the games remain because of the historical impact that they had on the game relevant. Whether it is the popularization of the open-world genre by GTA III or the presentation of a story of GTA: is San Andreas, which proved that video games movies can tell so captivating stories like, everyone has his favorite post in the GTA trilogy. The remastered re-release of the trilogy will be released on November 11, 2021, and each of the title has been revamped to ensure that it fits into the modern gaming landscape while preserving its original essence.

All changes and differences in GTA Trilogy Remastered

During the coming remaster the action-packed fun of the original GTA trilogy is maintained, there are some changes and differences that make the games for modern players certainly much more playable. This is far more than just a small improvement, and Unreal Engine was used to develop this remaster. Among the major upgrades, of which the GTA trilogy will benefit include graphical improvements such resolution upgrades and improved visual fidelity. Some of these visual upgrades can be seen in the trailer, where Claude from GTA III finally detached finger instead of a Lego-like has claw.

But the improvements do not stop here. You can also a converted lighting system, improved vehicle and character models, improved shadows, weather and reflections as well as higher resolutions for around objects such as buildings, roads and expect more. Smoother surfaces and a greater draw distance also contribute to the fact that these games look much more modern than they really are.

The games will also feature modern control schemes in GTA V style. Therefore, you must learn not archaic controller layouts to jump into this title. Switch for Nintendo player platform-specific controls will be available, including gyro objectives and touchscreen camera zoom, menu selection and panning.

If you play on the PC, you will benefit from NVIDIA DLSS support and new achievements on the Rockstar Games Social Club. Regardless of what title you go first, they all have something unique and extraordinary to offer. Here is what is available in the GTA trilogy.


Although it Car Series is not the first title in the Grand Theft marked GTA III certainly many premieres. While his predecessor, open-world games were with which you could unleash chaos criminal in an unsuspecting town, GTA III was the first to do so with an overwhelmingly progressive for its time 3D perspective.

The game revolves around a silent protagonist named Claude, who is looking for revenge that takes him deep into a criminal world full of unforgettable characters. Although Claude is a man of few words, he is not afraid to pull the trigger any weapon he acquires, and he s a demon on the streets, no matter whether his car is bought or stolen.

Here are all the elements that characterize the Grand Theft Auto, including fast cars, eccentric Crime Lords, immersive radio stations and aggressive law enforcement. Who wants to see where it all began, GTA III should not be missed.

GTA: Vice City

GTA: Vice City was originally released in 2002 and is a game that wears its many influences on the sleeves. Of the neonpink lights that illuminate the streets, to the Hawaiian shirts and pepper the sidewalks, it is not difficult to see that this is a game that consists of a deep devotion to the Miami-80s with the accompanying crime and has arisen Mobfilmen that represent the era.

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition - 5 BIGGEST CHANGES [4K]

Unlike GTA III GTA offers: Vice City a protagonist who has a lot to say. Tommy Vercetti, fresh from prison, King wants the city to be and take on his enemies. To do that, he must navigate through the seedy underworld of Vice City, build his empire carefully and make sure that there are no snakes in his inner circle that could betray him.

With an expertly curated 80s soundtrack and impeccable dialogues GTA provides: Vice City always felt to have been thrown on the set of Scarface or in an episode of Miami Vice. While it would be overshadowed in many departments of his successor, GTA offers: Vice City enough attitude, not to be forgotten.

GTA San Andreas

The most popular and most revered entry in the GTA trilogy is probably GTA: San Andreas. It considers the prestigious record as the best-selling PS2 game of all time and not only takes a special place in the gaming, but in pop culture a special place. GTA: San Andreas takes everything from previous titles and makes it somehow bigger and better. The result is an unforgettable game, which until today the imagination enchants and calls for repetitions.

GTA: San Andreas was released in 2004 and tells the story of Carl Johnson, better known as CJ. He returns to the neighborhood of his childhood and finds his gang in ruins. As he works to restore the honor of Grove Street families, CJ will soon be involved in gang wars, police corruption and sabotage plans. Although the act is not afraid of taking crazy phrases, she somehow manages to tell a captivating story of the dishwasher to the millionaire and at the same time make some of the unexpected characters sympathetic.

The revised GTA trilogy, along with all the changes and distinguishes that she brings with him, gets GTA: San Andreas certainly worth a new visit. Return to Grove Street with improved graphics, character models and modern control should only serve to improve an already legendary history.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition starts digitally on November 11th. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC. A physical version of the bundle will be released on December 7 for the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Whether or when in the future a physical PS5 version is published, is not yet known.