Nach Schwolow-Abgang: Flekken und Uphoff beim SC Freiburg im Fokus
After his first appointment in the Dutch football national team, Freiburg s goalkeeper Mark Fleckken is impressed by Bondcoach Louis van Gaal.

The bond coach is very honest and straightforward. He has his vision of football he wants to see. He tells you tough to the point, which runs well and what not, the 28-year-old told the Badische Zeitung interview. (Friday). With the way of the former Bayern coach one had to deal with, Flekken continued to say. Finally, he just talks about what he thinks. That can happen hard at the individual.

Fleecke was recently nominated by Van Gaal for the national team after strong achievements in the Bundesliga, but did not be used in the World Cup qualifiers against Latvia and Gibraltar. Nevertheless, he was excited. It was an honor for me to be nominated, he said. There s so much quality together that you can tell how much air is actually still available.