The VITALITY team, or simply VITALITY, is a French Esport Club founded in 2013 by Fabien Neo Devide, Nicolas Maurer, Corentin Gotaga Houssein and Kevin Brokybrawks Georges. Co-directed by the first two, it is the largest French representative on the international scene and is considered one of the three most powerful structures of Europe with G2 and FNATIC.
Present at its debut only on the Call of Duty scene, the TEAM VITALITY has since diversified, extending in 2015 to the FIFA scene and then on Rainbow Six and League of Legends, where it is present at the highest European level. More recently, VITALITY launched in 2018 on Rocket League in partnership with Renault Sport, Game on which VITALITY becomes world champion in 2018, Fortnite and Counter-Strike. The French club is also present on Street Fighter, Formula 1 and Hearthstone. It was also present on Pubg, H1Z1, Clash Royale and Call of Duty, Vitality historical game that the club leaves in 2018 due to the excessive price needed to participate in competitions.
The organization has been doing since 2019 from France s stadium its training center, formally becoming the first club resident of the enclosure. It employs a hundred people – including about forty players – and has an annual budget of more than 10 million euros.

The European Team FNATIC has participated in the World Cup Inleague of Legends: a video shows her journey to the Lol Worlds 2021. What begins like a mix of commercial for BMW and a class trip to Iceland, ends in a drama as the hopes smashed the team.

That was the situation in front of the Worlds for Fnatic:

Fnatic is actually one of the two dominant powers in the European League of Legends. But before the season 2021 that began to crumble: the most important player, Rekkles, was changed to the Rival G2. The contracts of the other players ran out, new young teams had overtaken Fnatic.
With some risky maneuvers called Fnatic against: The team took a mega-talented, but inexperienced top laner, laughed the old top laner and executive Bwipo in the Jungle, and gave the actually best man in the team, the tribe-jungler , away.
This new team then played much better than expected, could qualify for the Worlds and the mood was best.

Iceland has a beautiful landscape – but I can see that on Google

The video begins: In the first minutes of the video for the week 1 of the Worlds you can see how the team arrives slowly in Iceland. The atmosphere is solved, the players are excited: One year Lol has now led to this extraordinary experience.

The video looks like a mixture of a commercial for BMW, the sponsor of the video, and an exuberant class trip:

Supporter Hylissang is pleased – his contract was extended by 2 years. The teammates congratulate him.
The Belgian Nisqy underestimated how cold island is and cares, he has too few warm clothes.
The young top Laner Adam says the landscape of Iceland is pretty nice, but there he could also look at pictures on Google.
Bwipo makes great announcements, you are looking forward to beating Royal Never Give Up.

Important player travels for family tragedies

This is the break in the video: In the middle of the video, the knowledge meets the team that one of her key players, the German ADC Upset, the team will leave: he will leave the World Cup because of a family carrier.

The rest of the video has a completely different tone.

The coach of the team, Yamatocannon, turns out what a leadership upset is for your team and how obsessed he has worked on to participate in the Worlds. Even after his wedding, he immediately played LOL without being able to take a break:

How to Play EVERY Bot Lane Matchup! - League of Legends

He has set a very high standard for us: on all species and wise he was a guide player for the team. Nothing was more important to him than qualify for the World Cup. If a person like he is doing so much pain and starts to ask, Should I go? , Then he won the decision carefully.

Yamato, Coach Fnatic

Yamato says he would have allowed upset to continue with the Worlds would have the long-term negative consequences on his psyche. A guilt he would not live with.

Everyone in the team has accepted that Upset is now. There would have been no discussion. Everyone knew how difficult upset this decision falls, and have respected them.

So the video ends: In the video you realize that Fnatic does everything to motivate and preserve a good team spirit. One wishes the spare player on the Botlane all luck and says how much you believe in him.

But ultimately, the team fails to his duties and loses all 3 games in the round of group phase – so you are almost sure before that.

In the last moments of the video, you see the Midlan Nisqy, who starts after a team meeting, sobbing and crying. He apologizes to the teammates. Yamato leads him out of the room.

Thus, the reactions are: The otherwise hard-weared LOL fans show a lot of compassion in the comments. You praise Yamato for his calm and stylish way to deal with the situation. The team worked so hard to come to the Worlds and then run it against them.

That s how it ran for FNATIC after the video: FNATIC has brought at least one horn in honor in the second half of the year. Ironically, the first and only victory in the tournament – as well as Bwipo had previously announced against the completely superior Royal Never Give Up.

But the 2 next games went lost and FNATIC left 1-5 after the group stage.

FNATIC, which were traded before the tournament start, as a candidate for the quarter-finals, could not meet the expectations without them Start ADC, but have earned the respect of many LOL fans during the Worlds.

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