After the announcement of last week from Batman / fortnite: Foundation n. ° 1 , DC has launched a completely new trailer to generate enthusiasm for the next One-shot. The trailer advances the arrival of The Foundation to Gotham City, while Batman tries to discover the character s reasons. The trailer also shows appearances in the comic of a large number of DC characters, including Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and more. Naturally, the trailer ends with a preview of Batman Who Laughs, which is included free with the purchase of one-shot physical copies. The number will be available at comic stores on October 26.

Comic book trailer can be found in embedded below.

This time, @fortnitegames arrives at Gotham ???????? Get ready for another epic adventure in Batmanfortnite: Foundation 1:

  • Batman (@dcbatman) October 18, 2021

DC and Epic Games have been working together closely during the last year. The relationship between the two really was heated with the launch of the batman / fortnite: zero point series. The comic details the adventures of Batman and Catwoman in the world of fortnite , providing a lot of new information about the tradition of games. Readers could also receive codes for the content of each edition, which provided a strong incentive for players to review the series.

In addition to Batman, several other DC characters have appeared in fortnite , including Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Bloodsport and more. There are still many great characters so that DC and Epic Games bring to the game, so we hope we continue to see more favorites of fanatics added to the mix. It is possible that some fans of comics do not see the attractiveness of fortnite , but the game is an excellent way to present players the world of comics, and DC and Epic Games have done an excellent job by linking both. There are innumerable comic readers who have found their way to the middle through other means, from cartoons to live action movies. If fortnite collaborations with DC or Marvel make more fanatics see comics, then that is definitely something good!

Fortnite is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can check all our previous coverage of the game right here.

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