Fortnite The 18.20 update was launched a few days ago, but the game patch notes did not include an interesting change made in the game cars. As pointed out it, the last update of the game allows players to travel on the hood or at the top of a car while the vehicle is moving, without slipping. This means that players can use their own weapons to make the cars a quick threat! It is interesting that Epic Games has not specifically noticed this alteration, but it is not difficult to imagine how players will use it in their benefit!

Given the size of fortnite Base of players, it will not be long before we see many new strategies evolve around the cars of the game. Epic Games is constantly modified fortnite to make the game more fun, but it remains to be seen how the players will react to the changes. So far, the comments about the automobile update have been mostly positive online, but the function has only been available for a few days, so it is possible that many players have not even noticed the change.

Epic Games is *TROLLING* US! (New Update)
Interestingly, it seems that this will not be the only change made in the cars of the game. According to reliable fortnite Filter @hypex, Epic Games is currently working on a self-destruction button that players will be able to use! It is not clear exactly how it will work or if a passenger can use the function. Regardless, the change will apparently arrive later this season, so the fans should not have to wait much more to discover it by themselves. As with any filtration, readers who take this with a grain of salt until the game editor is confirmed, in case things change.

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