Recently, the 3D game team had the opportunity to interview Mike Brown , creative director of Forza Horizon 5. Among the interesting information he gave us while we talked, is the reason behind the locations on the map of the game, which are a combination of real and fictitious places.

Genuine recreation from Mexico would be very difficult to cross by car. Mike Brown The community of Mexico , country where this delivery of the franchise is situated, I expected to see towns and other family places in the vast map. However, the PLAYGROUND GAMES study had to consider the best for the operation of the game.

Obviously we mix a little in both sections, said Brown. I think it s in certain cases, where for example, we have a limited space on the map, and only a village is going in that area, if you have 3 places that should enter that area, that s where our creative freedom Enter game.

We can make a new town with the elements that we liked the most of the 3 real places, and the combination is well, Brown continued. I think that all that philosophy, applies for the map in its entirety, obviously, the game is not a genuine recreation of Mexico, and that is because it would be a huge place, and very difficult to cross by car.

The zones had to be altered to improve the design of the game. According to Brown, the zones had to be altered slightly, to improve the game design. The same happened with Forza Horizon 4, and according to Brown, it is that creative freedom that allows the study, to deliver the experience by which the Forza Saga is already recognized.

The Map of Forza Horizon 5 will be a very interesting one to explore, and not only for these changes that applied the study, but by its system of seasons that will keep it in constant evolution.