FIFA President Gianni Infantino has again pronounced himself for the discharge of the World Cup in the Two-Year Rhythm. The possibility of a reform of the calendar with a World Championship every two years was analyzed from the point of view of football – and it is possible, said the World Association Boss at a press conference in Venezuela s capital Caracas.

When it was decided about 100 years ago that the Football World Cup should take place every four years, the FIFA had 40 member states. It is now time to analyze the matter, said Infantino and reaffirmed that a decision was still in to be taken this year.

The task of FIFA is, according to the 51-year-old Swiss, to ensure that football is really global . The President of FIFA is after understanding Infantinos The President of 211 countries – and each of them has the right to dream. But the dream must have the prospect of becoming true. Because if you have to dream of eternally, one will end up Make other.

The orientation of a world championship in higher timing in connection with the increase in the number of participants from 32 to 48 selection teams from 2026 would be the previously insignificant football nations more options for participation , so Infantino.

The resistance to the FIFA plan is great. Only on Friday, the chairmen of the football associations from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland brand are the project as harmful to soccer . Cycling World Association President David Lappartent expressed in the interview with the French news agency AFP, he was concerned about the consequences for the cycling world and our flagship, the Tour de France. The German Football Association had repeatedly compromised to the FIFA plans.

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