The invincible, Starward Industries new science fiction game, has just received its first trailer. The game is based on the classic novel of Stanislaw Lem, and Starward adapted the 1964 novel into a video game version.

The recently published trailer gives the fans of The invincible a first glimpse of how this classic science fiction history has retained its retro-futuristic appearance. The history of The Invincible concerns an interstellar spacecraft failed on Regis III, which is an inhospitable planet. The game will present and develop the relationship between the many types of life forms on this planet and their roles and places in the universe.

Invincible players will explore the mysterious planet thanks to Dr. Yasna, a scientist who is one of the players of the game. The official press release of the game has promised that players neut expect several paths and purposes. History in this cinematographic adventure thriller.

The invincible is actually one of the first novels to talk a lot about the concept of Nanobots, that Lem, himself called nacro-evolution. In addition, although the invincible trailer has shown that the game is pretty much ready to adapt the science fiction attraction of the novel, we still do not know the extent to the developers will follow the source material.

The history takes place in a retro-future alternative chronology-where digital technology has not been invented , added the press release. Bian that humanity uses analog technology, it has conquered vast amounts of planets and has ventured into many other galaxies.

Unfortunately for the invincible fans, however, it seems that they should wait a little longer for the official launch of the game. When the game has been announced for the first time to the players public, the developers said they Expected the game sort in 2021. Now, this launch date was postponed at a non-disclosed date in 2022.

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