Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone Battle Royale Solo Gameplay (No Commentary)
Call of Duty: Vanguard is not scheduled to launch until November 5, but Call of Duty players will not have to wait until then to start gaining content included in the game. That s because Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software are giving Call of Duty: War Zone, players an opportunity to acquire some elements of zona of warhead before the launch of the new game, assuming that players can progress in the battle pass enough to Unlock the content.

This early junction between vanguardia and zona of war is the first of your kind for Call of Duty and consists not only of a few elements, but of 24 different unlockables to acquire. In addition, they are free for those who open up through the battle passage.

The early integration of vanguardia inside zona of war works in a similar way to how zona of war and Call of duty: Black Ops Cold War are currently matched. While you advance through a battle pass in a game, it is unlocked content for both at this time, progressing through zones of war pass now will unlock some additional levels of vanguardia content.

«When seeing the battle pass in zona of war or buer, you will see 24 additional levels, all free, which appear along with existing ones and are visible on a lever«. An explanation of the Crossover released this week, he said. For example, at level 1 of the battle pass of the sixth season, there is already a free legendary decal for use in the cold Black Ops and zona of war. After today s update, level 1 will also offer a token of XP double weapon to use in vanguardia (at its release) or zona of warhead (immediately). »

If you have already passed through where a vanguardia If the article had been unlocked, you will get that content retroactively, so, depending on how much you have done in the battle pass this season, you could have some additional content waiting for you right now. For those who do not want to wait to get your vanguardia team, you can always buy level jumps, but you can get the free bootball just by playing. Rewards include new weapons, XP tokens, business cards, emblems and more, and all will be available in zona of war when you purchase them and will be available at vanguardia when the new game is launch next month.

Activision and Raven Software also recently revealed a new anti-trap system for zona of war that will be implemented every time the game receives its Pacific update at the end of this year. That anti-traps system is very different from what has been in its place before, and will come to vanguardia at a later date.