Starward Industries has published a new trailer for The Invincible . In addition, the first-person science fiction thriller, which plays in a retro future time, shifted – from the original publishing window 2021 in the year 2022. Planned is a publication for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC Via Steam.

In The Invincible she wakes up as a space scientist on an enemy planet and goes to a mysterious mission to find the disappeared crew of your spaceship. According to developers, your survival depends on the right decisions, while you reveal the secrets of the planet.

Soon you should discover that Regis III, the venue of the game, shall bear terrible secrets that are revealed while her fate of your crew together. And the deeper you invaded the secret, the clearer will you, that you may not be alone and that there are places like this planet that can be better untouched. But it s too late to reverse, says the makers.

Main features of The Invincible according to the manufacturer:

Retro-Future Atompunk Setting reminiscent of the era of space race.
Analog, but very advanced technology, which allows drones and autonomous robots to support or thwart your missions.
Gameplay with a non-linear story shaped by your relationships, decisions and persuasiveness.
Graphic based on the Unreal Engine.
A story, inspired by Stanislaw Lems of the same name science fiction classic.

Below you will see the initially mentioned teaser trailer for The Invincible , which puts you on the mysterious scene:

Further messages too.